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63 Wagonaire clutch application question, 259 3 spd O/D

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: 63 Wagonaire clutch application question, 259 3 spd O/D

    I'm making a quickie trip to Idaho to drive my 63 Wagonaire to New Mexico, where I live now. I need to change out the trans (as the current trans doesn't have first gear), and thought I'd change the clutch during that trans swap. My question is : The car currently has the standard 10 in. clutch. Will the 10.5 in clutch disc and clutch cover fit my car? I do tow with this car sometimes, and the current clutch has been smelling... smoky.
    Thanks in advance for any input, Kelly

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    259 Wagonaire Clutch

    Yes the 10.5 inch 289 clutch, will work but you will have to turn (resurface) the flywheel, replace the Pressure Plate as well as the Disc. and you may as well replace the throwout Bearing and check or replace the pilot bushing in the crankshaft, due to the extensive amount of labor required to remove & replace a Wagonaire clutch...again!

    The standard 289 Pressure Plate will have 9 springs like your 259 unit, but for a car as heavy as a Wagonaire is, I use the Avanti Pressure Plate with all 12 spring pockets filled and the longer Avanti release/adjustment rod.

    A Clutch rebuilder can rebuild these to whatever PSI you require, in exchange for your's. And I would trust a good local Big City rebuilder way more than an off-shore New Pressure Plate Mfg. any day of the week!
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      Thanks Rich! You sure are right about replacing a Wagonaire clutch. Your suggestions about more springs and Avanti adjustment rod are great. I'll have to do that next time, as I have a major time crunch on this adventure. I just took off the whole front clip last time, and it sure was easier (I don't have new paint yet).


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        I used one out of a 70's Jeep (with 304 v8) and it fit great, and was heavy duty without being too hard to push.
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          Thanks, will file that info for next time. Already ordered parts.