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DG-200 Torque Converter - Sealed Unit, Source?

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: DG-200 Torque Converter - Sealed Unit, Source?

    Good afternoon, everyone. I have all the hard parts to get my DG-200 automatic in my 51 Champion rebuilt, but in case the torque converter is bad, can someone confirm that it is a sealed unit (not serviceable)? If not serviceable, where can I get a rebuilt converter?

    Are the converters different for years 1951 and 1953-54? The car is a 51, but the transmission has a date tag of Nov 1953 and it has the later style governor lever used on 1953 and up DG-200s.

    Best regards,
    Clarence in Virginia Beach

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    I had the torque converter rebuilt on my DG200. It was shattered. Lawrence Transmission in Toronto did it, and backed up their work. The shop owner drove 45 minutes to help with the linkage adjustments when we installed the rebuilt tranny. Came to my rescue, again later, and actually did another rebuild and re-install after we found out my "good ol' boy" couldn't read the manual and just hammered in the dowl pins to get the bell housing bolted to the engine (doh!). So they can be rebuilt....
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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      Dacco in Cookeville Tenn. should be able to rebuild one for you. The lock up clutch is contained inside your sealed unit, this is applied to give you 3 rd gear. The internal seals or lockup clutch material could be bad- there is no way to tell without cutting it apart. Phone # 800- 443-2226 Elmer Wylie or James Simmons. Good Luck Lou Cote


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        Thanks, Dave and Lou. Much appreciated.