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generators without pulleys?

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  • generators without pulleys?

    Six months ago the pulley on the generator of my hawk self destructed and the belt broke. I got a replacement at Carquest. Yesterday the same thing happened- mangled pulley and broken belt. It's under waranty so so I go back to Carquest and they replace it. I go to install it and IT'S GOT NO PULLEY! I take it back. They have no clue why it has no pulley. They checked with several other stores. All had the generators. None had pulleys. Before I committ suicide, can someone offer a plausable explanation for any of this? I've never heard of selling generators without pulleys. Nor have I ever heard of pulleys self destructing.

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    I've found that Delco alternators often come without pullies because they are used on so many different applications with many different pully diameters and belt widths. Being held on with a nut, it's easy to swap the pullies around. On the other hand, all Chrysler alternators I've purchased have had pullies installed. The big difference is they have the pully pressed on with an interference fit and are very difficult to remove and replace. I've had to order a Chrysler alternator that was used on an industrial engine because the pully size was wider than the ordinary auto application. The shop had plenty of units with pullies for autos but not the ag application. A parts house doesn't have to carry near as many Delco alternators as they would Chryslers just because of the pulley sizes.