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Anchor Point adjustment

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  • StudeRich
    Is the Studebaker vehicle a Car '47 to '53 or a '49 to '62 Truck with the eccentric adjusters on each shoe?

    If so, the brake adjustment lock nut gets tightened like any bolt it's size, tight but NOT torqued to over 45 ft. Lbs. as tight as you can.

    The trick is to NOT let the adjustment stud move while doing it!

    OH! a 1941, there is some help on your prior post:

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  • Brizzleblue
    started a topic Brakes: Anchor Point adjustment

    Anchor Point adjustment

    This really a dumb question. I have just got my front wheels spinning freely by adjusting the Anchors. I then had a relapse in my thought processes.
    "The 3/4 inch bolt; when you are tightening this, do you tighten it as humanly possible? Or is there some "not quite that tight" trick here.
    I have tightened them right up, as I fiigured this will stop the brake shoes from slipping, but does this make their operation more difficult?