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Where is external resistor??

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  • Electrical: Where is external resistor??

    Hi everyone,

    Before I am going to get new ignition coil for my '57 Silver Hawk. The wiring diagram in my '57 supplement shop manual mentioned factory primary resistor used only on 57B and 57H. I am looking for an external resistor ballast somewhere in the engine compartment and still can't it. Where's the heck is it?? Does it was setup near the ignition coil or on top of the radiator when it left the factory? Maybe someone took it out before I get that car?

    The reason I ask this question because the ignition coil come in with or without external resistor required.

    Thanks for any your help in advance!

    Steven Barker

    1957 Studebaker Silver Hawk w/289 & auto
    1969 Corvair coupe w/ 140hp, 4 spds & smog air
    1967 Corvair coupe w/ 110hp, auto & factory air

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    On a 56 Hawk I had, it was mounted on the firewall . It was on the pinch weld just below and to the side of the wiper motor.
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