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6v to 12v conversion 1950 champion

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  • Electrical: 6v to 12v conversion 1950 champion

    I am having a problem with the dash lights, I changed the 6v #55 bulbs to a replacement 12v #57. After powering up the system everything worked but the dash lights, I started checking for power and ground, and found the bulbs to be lit . They are not bright enough to shine through the colored glass that they are inside of when plugged in. can anyone suggest a brighter bulb?

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    Did you forget to instal the 12 volt battery ?

    Sorry...could't resist, since you didn't actually mention it..!
    I'll be doing the same thing here soon.
    Good luck.



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      If the bulbs light up the reflective surface of the numerals is likely played out. It is indirect lighting, for lack of a better term.
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        If I remember correctly, the bulb shines through a purple shell, emitting only ultra violet light. The luminous numbers and hands only show up in absolute dark. You won't see any light at all from the bulbs.


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          oh was I supposed to put the battery in?
          thanks tom , as I remember the "shells" are very dark I will try tonight
          all gauges and speedo are NOS
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            still no luck , barely visible in the dark,need brighter bulbs. any ideas ?


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              If this is important enough to bug you this much, there are several ways to deal with it.

              Depending on your skill level and artistic incentive, you can remove the dark covers and use colored bulbs. Some craft stores sell opaque colored paint for making a stained glass look. You could cut up a heavy colored plastic pop bottle and curl the plastic into a cylinder to replace the original dark glass covers. Also, the luminescent glow in the dark paint fades with time (even NOS) and loses its ability to reflect the small amount of light provided by those deep purple covers. Glow in the dark paint is also available at craft stores. With the correct art brush and a steady hand, the gauge needles can be repainted.
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                Here is a brighter bulb. LM 1012MB-W, an LED, from CEC industries.
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                  some good ideas jclary your first option is what I was thinking of doing if the 6253 bulbs I ordered from the web,don't work.NAPA doesn't have that #,
                  6253 have 4 candlepower the 57's are 2, but I will also try your idea starlightchamp before I open up the gauge cluster again
                  I need to have good lighting as this is my wife's car
                  I really appreciate the help from everyone, to Mike Van Veghten, I like your humor!
                  I'm sure one of these ideas will work , I'll update later