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Value of a 1960 Lark V8 engine?

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  • Engine: Value of a 1960 Lark V8 engine?

    New here, just registered. and I did so to find out about the value of a 1960 Lark VIII with what looks like an original v 8 engine.
    The car and it's brother another lark with a straight 6 are sitting on a local junk yard, not far from me.
    I typically do Fords and such and really do not know much about unusual makes like the studebakers.
    This car is 4 door, manual trans and V8 with a small rochestor or carter? 2 bbl.
    the engine is all complete. The displacment is 259? 289?

    Is it valuable? I'm looking at it from a stand point of making some money. If I could pull the engine or other pieces, clean them up and resell, and make a couple hundred maybe for a half days work its worth it to me.
    The other Lark looks like a 60 as well.
    straight 6 (flathead?) with automatic trans.
    5 lug wheels
    both cars straight bodies and no rust that I could see, from my quicky inspection...

    Let me know if there would be any interest.
    They will be crushed in a month or less. Its a pick a part yard.
    prices are cheap. but stuff doesn't sit there forever.
    I typically do business on Fords but I hate to see a perfectly good donor of any model go to the crusher while it still has parts. especially hard to find rare stuff.

    Dane V

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    Where is it?
    Is it frozen (locked up)?
    2 huge questions everyone will ask.
    Also. Look at the top of the engine, just to the right (as you look down at it) of the oil fill tube.
    There, on the flat top of the block...under the crud... There is a stamped number.
    Post that info here and someone can tell you if it is a 259 or 289.
    Sure, the build sheet could tell you, but a lot can happen in 61 years.
    Your couple hundred buck idea could be spot on.
    If it is a 289, the crankshaft is worth some bucks alone...
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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      I will say that it's in portland OR, I'd rather not elaborate on details
      It DOES turn over. I checked that.
      I'll be back there on friday and I'll look for the ID number on it



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        Sounds like someone's afraid of getting there too late...!
        It's...probably...a 259. But as Jeff could be most anything...even an R4...!



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          IF a 1959-1960 Lark has its original engine, it is a 259. As others said, any swap could have bee made since build.

          If you can get these cars for scrap value, it sounds like a good deal based on your description. Buy them, spend a little time/money getting them running, clean them up and put them on eBay. I think that you may be surprised at the results, especially with the V8.
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

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          Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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            Originally posted by studegary View Post
            IF a 1959-1960 Lark has its original engine, it is a 259.
            I agree that's a pretty safe bet........but there are a few exceptions.........
            Skinny___'59 Lark VIII Regal____'60 Lark Marshal___


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              I picked up a 59 4-door with a 63 259 for $200 a few months ago so it's not out of the question of there being an engine swap. On the other hand it is a 4 door, but then again my friend had a 61 4-door that had a wicked bored out 289. Sometimes we just work with what we have.


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                larks gone

                went back to the yard yesterday.
                the larks have flown the coop1 In their place was a 53 plymouth sedan.




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                  Originally posted by Dane V View Post
                  went back to the yard yesterday.
                  the larks have flown the coop1 In their place was a 53 plymouth sedan.


                  I hope they weren't crushed. I recall a Dan Webber story a guy that dived into a 64 Cruiser next in line to be crushed. He grabbed the owners manual, the lighter and the radio knobs before it was dropped into the crusher. Only when he gave Dan the stuff did Dan notice the shiny knob with AM/FM inscribed.
                  JDP Maryland