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Avanti Engine, identification

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  • Engine: Avanti Engine, identification

    Does anybody know how to tell if a engine matches a car?

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    The only sure way is to order a copy of the original production order from the Stude National Musuem. It will show exactly how the vehicle was equipped when built, and shows both the serial number and engine number.
    Skip Lackie


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      Originally posted by johnhenry View Post
      Does anybody know how to tell if a engine matches a car?

      If you need an answer more quickly, such as the Avanti on Ebay with the R2? engine in it in Texas, you may want to take a chance and post the serial number (Frame), Fire wall Tag # and engine number on this site and see if they make sense to the Avanti guys here. Not a perfect answer but it might be a timely guess.



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        Avanti engine ID

        If you will post the car serial number, I can give you the engine number the car originally was built with. The serial number may be found on the passenger side frame rail in the engine compartment below #8 cylinder. Note: The body number is also in that area, but it's located much higher and is attached to the inner fender body panel. We need the serial numer down on the frame.

        george krem