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  • Engine: Lark Engine Change

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what I would have to change, If anything to install a 1951 6 cyl. into a 1959 lark VI. Thanks

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    Don't have a '51 or '59 Lark, but keep the bell housing with the '51 engine.


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      Yes, I think that's all but I would have to check tomorrow. I have a 52 engine with bell housing that was in a Jeep and a 59 with bell housing, that came out of my 59 Lark. There is an 63 OHV in there now but I some times think of putting the 52 in because it's .030" over and when I pulled the head I found no significant wear. All the mounting locations look same and all I would look at is the depth of the water pump to fan mounting hub as I believe it is further back on the earlier models. Good thing is the 59 pump will bolt right in. If it has a later rebuilt pump they might have use the same pump but pushed the mounting hub further back on the shaft. This can be moved forward but takes a good press. Also the temp gauge mounting location uses a larger hole in earlier heads. If you want higher compression the later model head is the go, worth a full point I think. I would check with some of the six experts on the forum with the other accessories. I had trouble with distributors and timing when I swapped in the OHV and used my 59 Delco. No way to time it. The advance curve is totally off. It could be that the earlier and late Flatheads are compatible. Some earlier FH's have the oil filler in adifferent location depending if it was from a truck. Not having one I couldn't tell you if it would interfere with the throttle linkage. I see no reason it would not work and if you do it I would like to hear about it for future reference.