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1950 Champion Hood Release

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  • Body / Glass: 1950 Champion Hood Release

    The hood release cable let go at the opening mechanism end. How do I open the hood?
    Sincere THANKS

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    "Burning Bridges...Lost Forevermore"......


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      Dwain G....Thank you, thank you. I will give it a go in the morning. I saw that hole and pried around with a screwdriver. Must need to hit it just right.
      Again, many thanks.


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        I became very proficient at this procedure when my hood release cable stuck. All you need is a long, thin straight screwdriver. The first time you do this you will have to lie down under the front of the car. Look straight up behind the grill and you should see the hood latch. You will also see (behind the latch post, I think, my car isn't here to look at right now) a small hole. Stick the screwdriver up through the hole and the main latch will release. With some practice, you will be able to do this without looking.
        It isn't that hard to remove, clean and lube the hood release cable, either. On the hood end there is a retainer with a set screw. Remove it, then pull the cable out of the sheathing at the handle end. Clean it, lube it with graphite, and run it back in. Good luck!
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          Good morning, got it open. Thanks-a-Lot!!


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            Removing & cleaning is ok as long as you can get the set screw out of the stop on the end of the cable. Mine is frozen in (one half of the slot even broke off when trying to remove it. I just keep laying some oil along the length of the cable so I can ooze in between the winding of the outer casing.
            Mike Sal