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    I was reading about head casting numbers on Bob's site and there is a post from Ted about his take on casting numbers and compression ratios. He states that the castings 555 will net the highest compression. I have a few sets of these but was hanging out for some 570's under the impression that these would be higher. What's the consensus as I have not checked CC's on Studebaker heads for over 20 years and any solid memories are just that, memories.
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      Only way to know..."for sure" to check them.
      Never take someone elses word for some/many things.

      This way, if something is amiss later on, you know what it is or isn' your own mind.
      Check out the Jegs or Summit cataloges, the tools for this are pretty cheap nowdays.

      Despite the two machine shops I use for engine work are excellent and have been around a long time, I still check bearing clearances, piston to bore clearances, rod side clearances, valve seats (sealing with the valves), etc.

      On the castings, I've been useing the 570 heads because they "seemed" to be the most reliable as far as wall thickness/core shifting. But as I found out a coupa weeks ago...even that's not exactly relaible..!
      Glad I bought the sonic tester...!