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  • Cool/Heat: 57 Commander Heater

    I was wondering about my heating system and hope yall can help me troubleshoot.
    Coming into the heating core inside the car there are two pipes, a left and right one. When i bought my car, the right pipe had a hose attatched a looked fine, but the left hose is unattatched and has a metal plug in it. Was this simply forva checkup and they forgot to reatach the hose, or is there something wrong. Thanks your help is greatly appreviated!

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    The '55 to '58 Studebaker Body Parts Catalog, shows good illustrations of how it should look.

    The hot water from the right upper "arm" of the Water Manifold that goes to the head, is your heater system inlet, but it goes first to the Heater Control valve, then out to the Defroster Core from the 5/8" hose to the "T" down to 3/8" AND on via more 5/8" hose to the under seat heater core. The returns from both cores just go back to the fitting at the lower right of the water Manifold.

    If the Heater core is under the dash and not under the Passenger side of the front seat, it is not a Studebaker Climatizer System. It may be a Box Heater either factory or aftermarket, in which case there would be no Defroster Heater Core, and maybe no Water Valve, it would be a recirculating type, not a fresh air type, but it connects pretty much the same way from the same two places on the Stude. V8 Engine.
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      Maybe the core was leaking and was plugged off