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Were all Studebakers autographed?

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  • Body / Glass: Were all Studebakers autographed?

    Hi folks,

    I've had a little surprise yesterday.
    I was sanding my firewall and I saw a name slowly appear through the various coats of paint. Obviously, it was written on the bare body befor paint, maybe with a chalk.
    The first name is not very clear. It can be Lew, Len or Leon maybe. On the other hand, Petri can be read very clearly as the last name.
    Do you think, this is a part of a verification procedure, or did some Studebaker's craftsmen usually sign their job?

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    Probably done on the line like some folks sign their name in concrete. Your car was (I think) from d'Ieteren Freres in Belgium, in any case someone has done it and is now a part of your vehicle. Nice find.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      sevral years ago, when I took the fins off my 56 golden hawk, i found a note that "joe loves mary" faintly scribed inside the fin and I'm finding all sorts of first names on the avanti I am currently working on. Ken Deltaville, Va


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        Thanks for your replies pals.
        Sorry for the late answer. I wasn't connected lately.
        Nice day to all.