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HELP - OD Solenoid needed

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  • HELP - OD Solenoid needed

    Hi All,
    My solenoid seems to be kaput, won't engage the OD. I tried grounding it as per the manual then removed and cleaned up the points to no avail so I guess I need another one The trans is a T86. If anyone has one that works and is willing to part with it, for a fee of course, let me know.
    Mr Mike

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    Hi Mike... He'll have what you need...

    Buddy...'54 Champion 2dr
    Warner Robins, GA 31088


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      Are you referring to the OD Relay? or to the solenoid that mounts sideways on the transmission? And is it for 6v or 12v?

      (after looking up your other posts, I now see...) Ah, you have a 1960 Hawk. And it does sound as if you're referring to the solenoid. So you need a 12v solenoid? They are hard to come by, what with guys like me converting their pre-1956 6v vehicles to 12v and grabbing up available 12v solenoids. You can do an eBay search for "overdrive" (leave out the word "solenoid" because sellers may misspell it) and pick through the offerings. If it's a Borg Warner solenoid, it doesn't matter if it came off of a Ford or Chevy. Does that sound right, guys?


      1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
      The Red-Headed Amazon
      Deep in the heart of Texas

      Paul Simpson

      1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
      The Red-Headed Amazon
      Deep in the heart of Texas


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        It may be a stupid question, but did you have voltage on the hot side when you grounded it ?


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        JDP Maryland


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          Thanks to all for replying. Buddy - he had one :-)) .. And yes, it was hot J.