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Convertible Top Switch 1987 Avanti.

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    Last week I took the car out for a spin. When I got home the top would not go up. My son and I managed to get the top up by hand, it was very difficult. Dropped the car off at my mechanic, for him it seems to have worked. He may not have taken the top down all the way. This morning same thing. Top won't go up. I have to think the switch is bad. Has anyone had the same problem? Where can you get one of these switch? I was going to take the car to the Atlantic Zone Meet on July 14, but not without the top working. Could the power window switch replace the convertible top switch? I also posted this on the Avanti site.
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    I'm going to guess that the switch has three positions: center OFF, UP and DOWN. Odds are that it is the same swich for the power windows.

    I know that things mechanical and/or electrical are not your long suit. But, this shouldn't be difficult to solve with a little help. The first step is to determine whether you have power TO the switch. Find a friend who has some basic electrical skills and tools. With the ignition ON, switch turned OFF, using a DC volt meter (multimeter) see if one terminal (probably the center one) of the switch shows 12V when measured to a good ground (often hard to find with all that plastic). If there is no voltage present on any terminal, your problem is elsewhere.

    If 12V is present, turn the switch to the UP position and see if TWO terminals now have 12V. If that is the case, the switch is OK and you have another problem elsewhere. If not, I would try swapping the switch with a known good window switch, or use a short piece of wire to jumper around the switch to see if the top begins to move.

    Since the motor for the top has a fairly heavy draw, there is probably a relay that is operated by the UP signal. There would probably be a DOWN relay, too. The contacts on the UP relay may be worn/burned and not making a consistent contact. Finding the relay (if one exists) is the challenge. Open the hood. With the engine off, but the key in the run position, have an assistant operate the UP switch intermittently . Listen for a clicking under the hood, or under the dash. That would lead you to the relay, if there is one. If you find it, unplug it and take it to your auto parts store. It's probably a common type.

    BTW, Bill, were are unwilling to accept the "top not working" excuse for you not coming to Gettysburg. If you can't get it working before that, bring it anyway. Where else are you going to find so many Avanti shade tree mechanics???

    Hope to see you there,

    Jim Bradley
    Lake Monticello, VA
    '78 Avanti II


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      Top went up???


      I tugged on the top, jiggled the switch, then got power to the top. I don't know which to these two actions enabled me to get the top up. I have to think that the switch for both the windows and the top are set up in such a way that when they reached the complete down position power is cut off. The same would be true for the complete up position. I am hoping that all I have is a loose connection. I would still like to have a switch in reserve just in case. I will go to the meet with the top up, and only lower it when there are people around to help me put it up by hand. I will also carry a large sheet of plastic. See you in Gettysburg


      Bill Donnelly