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1950 grills, to paint or not to paint

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  • 1950 grills, to paint or not to paint

    Mountain Home, AR

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    I checked in an original Studebaker color brochure and all the 1950 grills are
    painted the color of the car. I have seen chrome grills but they may have been after
    maket. You can't go wrong IMHO painting yours the cars color. The ones on my 50 Starlight
    are shiny metal on the face and flatblack on the flats--but just because I like them
    that way.

    1950 Champion Starlight
    1963 Hawk GT
    Santa Barbara

    The 1950 Champion Starlight
    Santa Barbara


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      quote:Originally posted by starlightchamp
      --but just because I like them that way.
      I LIKE that attitude! [^]

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        after a lot of research my uncle found that many of the grills were chromed and many were not, changing during the production run. But they were all painted. Unless you have original photos of your car showing otherwise they would originally have been painted body color(for judging purposes). Enjoy your car.


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          The "egg crates" were not painted, the rest was body color.

          34 Studebaker Street Rod (completed)
          55 Speedster (in work)
          63 Lark R2 (completed, 63K miles)
          64 Daytona CNV (completed, 63K miles)
          64 Avanti R2 (completed)
          85 Avanti(blackout trim, 10K miles)
          89 Avanti CNV (19K miles)


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            quote:Originally posted by 50starlite
            At the start of the 1950 model year, a chrome face, or front edges and body colored squares were used. At serial number G581464 they changed to aluminum painted grills.

            Dwain G.