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1964 Wagonaire Bellcrank

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  • Steering: 1964 Wagonaire Bellcrank

    Does anyone know if the bushings (or bearings) are press fit into the bellcrank bracket on a '64 Wagonaire? I've removed all four fasteners on the bellcrank bracket (part number 1554377 or 1542212 for bushings or bearings respectively), but the bracket still doesn't want to come off the car. I can't tell for sure if I have bushings or bearings until I get the bracket off. Help!

    Also, if the bellcrank is equipped with bushings, is it possible to convert to bearings? I assume the bracket would also have to be replaced to accommodate bearings.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Bell Crank Assembly

    Couple of answers for ya. You are dealing with the bell crank assembly. The center pin bearings or bushings are replaceable and sorta like able to be replaced without a special press. This assembly consists of the [bell like thing] the thing you are trying to drop down free from the frame the center pin shaft with bearings or bushings within it and the steer bracket that is secured to the center pin by a pinch bolt and nut. Remove this pinch bolt and nut. The bell like thing will now be free so as to service it provided that you have the 4 nuts and bolts out. Actually, the pinch bolt is the first to go, then the zerk grease fittin, and lastly the 4 retaining nuts and bolts. put the bell like thing in a vise gripping the end of the shaft but isolate the vice jaws with a couple pieces of paint stirrer. You really don't wanna put any marks on the end of the shaft. Take off the nut, washer and shims if any. Lift the casting from the shaft. Check to see that pin is ok where it has been riding against bearings or bushings. Put casting in a vice and with a piece of brass, and hammer tap the inserts out. Actually the old ones should be retained. The may be of use when installing new ones. Do not hit the new pieces with a hammer but use a piece of wood direcetly across its diameter to start tapping it in. Note how far the others were recessed and do likewise. This is where the old inserts can come in handy. Pack with grease before reassembly. cheers jimmijim
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      Here's some great info on rebuilding the center pin, from Ray-Lin's excellent site. Click on 'Technical Pages' and scroll down towards the bottom to 'SUSPENSION and STEERING' and click on the bellcrank link:
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