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Brackets & power steering pump

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  • Brackets & power steering pump

    Does anyone have a power steering pump they would like to sell for a 289 Avanti. Also, can anyone tell me please, who makes the new brackets for a new one wire alternator and an air compressor.

    The old brackets were made, are crooked for the alternator and they were for the old style compressor. Guys, thanks for your help!

    I can be reached at a new e-mail:

    thank you!

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    Power steering pump is the same as Eaton early 60s Fords, you can get
    one from Studebaker International - or even National Parts Depot for a
    1965 Mustang. There are special brackets that bolt to the pump that
    then bolt to the water manifold. S.I. also has those.

    GM three wire alt is simple to install on an Avanti R1, I did an article
    in Avanti Magazine some years ago on the process, and recently posted
    the details on this thread :,wire,alt

    pictures here :


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      Vintage Air sells a mount bracket for the Sanden compressors they sell. If you're using a new system, this would be the way to go.

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