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63 lark carb or fuel pump problems

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  • Fuel System: 63 lark carb or fuel pump problems

    i just bought a 1963 lark regal 2door with a 259 auto with no overdrive. it seems to sound like it is starving for fuel when taking off from a being stopped. i have noticed the fuel filter right before the carb is always full when the engine is cold but when the car is warmed up it is only a 1/4 full. the carb is a rochester 2 jet (rebuild). i am thinking of getting a inline fuel pump and a new carb and was wonder which ones work best with these engines.

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    Welcome Travis, to the SDC Forum and the Studebaker Drivers Club, you can join at a first time discount at the top of these pages, Welcome!

    Using that Manifold, what works best is the correct original Stromberg Model WW 6-130, 2 Barrel. Rebuilds can be bought from Studebaker Vendors at: in particular: Dave Thibeault at 978 897 3158 in MA USA.

    For a bigger improvement, what many are using is a machined, re-drilled Stock 2 Brl. Intake Manifold to accept a AFB Clone Edelbrock 500 cfm
    4 Brl. which is available New.

    I would test the fuel pump pressure and replace the mechanical one if needed, before fooling with a Electric fuel pump, it should not be needed.
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