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64 Daytona (Chevy engine) - making room for exhaust upgrade

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  • Exhaust: 64 Daytona (Chevy engine) - making room for exhaust upgrade

    I'm just throwing this out there in case someone else has similar consideration:

    Given the limited clearance with the steering arm I opted to keep the Chevy "Ramhorn Exhaust" manifolds including the 2" crossover. Unfortunately when the two pipes merge they neck down to a single, 2" exhaust pipe. With the addition of the 350, Corvette, L-98 I wanted to make an improvement over that.

    I'm sure many opt to go to a dual exhaust, but I like the simplicity of a single, good flowing system (may I add cheap too). At the local U-Pick-Parts I was able to buy a 2-3/4" exhaust with a 22" Pro-Flow muffler off a Suburban for $25. This 22" muffler fit snug, but decently and I was able with a little cutting and welding to get it plumbed out the back. BTW, 2-3/4" factors out to be an ideal size for velocity and flow with the engine size and exhaust configuration. 3"+ singles and dual 2-1/2" are not the best for a street car running at 2,000-3,000 RPM.

    I also took a 45-ish degree curved portion of the remaining system and with a little crimping, cutting and trial fitment got the two, 2" pipes to efficiently merge into the 2-3/4" pipe. This came up missing about 5 feet of straight 2-3/4" pipe to connect to the muffler. Unfortunately 2-3/4" pipe is hard to find and I had to drop $42 for 10 ft. of it at Napa.

    One issue that came up (and the reason for the post) was getting decent clearance between the rear spring (and shackle) and the gas tank. What I eventually did was notch the gas tank mounts and moved the tank towards the drivers side about an inch. It doesn't sound like much, but it helped a lot.

    Another issue was finding a replacement rubber hose (about 2-1/4") between the tank and the filler neck. Napa had a 6" piece that was $13 (but remember I'm real cheap). Most current cars have 2" gas hoses. I got a decent 2" hose at Pick A Part for $1. I cut it to size, heated it in hot water, stretched the hose with two tire iron and it slipped over greased tank opening and filler neck.

    Anyway, hopefully the pictures will be self explanatory. The two 2" into the 2-3/4". The offset of the tank. The lighter rust area is a dimple I put in the pipe for additional clearance (has marginal internal restriction).

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