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6 volt battery cable upgrade to 2/0 gauge, car starts much better

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  • Electrical: 6 volt battery cable upgrade to 2/0 gauge, car starts much better

    I upgraded my 54 champion from 2 gauge cables on the positive and negative battery terminals to 2/0 gauge cables. he car cranks faster, and starts much better, especially warm. Both cables were the 24" length versions from my local Fleet Farm store, and they were less than $10 each in the battery section. These heavy cables are meant for tractors or heavy equipment, and I used a black cable for both units.

    Best $20 I ever spent !
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    Great! Easier than converting to 12 volt.


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      That's what I used on my '54 Champ. It started in the coldest weather with no issues.
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        Me, too. Kept the 6 volt and went to 00 cables. They look pretty tough, too. I also bought my battery from a farm supply. The car is flooding (rebuilt carb on the way), but that battery and those cables always got it started again. And I learned it all through the SDC and this forum.
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          Click image for larger version

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          don't know what the flat cable is rated, but it replaced a 2 gauge cable and it's faster starting!
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            I use #00 for all of my 12 volt, in the trunk conversions also. Works very well. I normally use welding cable for its use of MANY fine wires rather than just a few stiff wires. Never really have had any problems with the insulation like some seem to warn about.

            None of the #2 or #3 cables they sell in "conversion kits". The smaller wire sizes just don't let the amps flow freely..!



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              Connect the positive cable to a starter mounting bolt, make sure the ground strap from engine to frame is in good shape. My 55 President sounds and feels like it's got 12 volt to it. I had custom cables made up. Starts without hesitation hot or cold.
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                Found out why my car runs rich. When installing the rebuilt carb, noticed a seal missing on the heat riser tube to the automatic choke. Sucking in hot air from the manifold after it's warmed up. Gawd I wish my good old boy would have read the manual.
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                  Speaking as an electrical engineer, having the heavier gauge cable is paramount for 6 volt systems. The reason that cars start better with the heavier cables isn't just because the stater turns the engine over faster. It is also because the cable has a low resistance and when starting, there is less voltage drop across the cable. This allows more voltage for the ignition system to function properly.
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                    I agree with the increased gauge. When I installed my new Cathcart Stg-4 Eng in 2002 I rebonded all motor-trans-frame-body points with fresh NAPA braided bonding straps.
                    The 6-Volt Pos Grd Batt cable is a heavy duty braided strap and the Neg cable (with in-line disconnect) is #00. Have enjoyed strong cranking and quick starts ever since.
                    Definitely the way to go.
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