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51 Champion - Gas gauge replacement

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: 51 Champion - Gas gauge replacement


    Before I start ripping things apart, do the gauges on the 51 Champion install from the front or will I need to drop the entire dash and get at things from the back side? I bought a NOS gauge for my fuel indicator and it would be nice to get it installed. I have seen many threads about the 1950, but am not sure if there were changes made for the 51.



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    I just had my hands up there 2 weeks ago. You can drop the left hand cluster that has the gas and temp gauge in it from behind. Without pulling anything else out, just disconnect some wires. It's really tight though. The hood and OD cables are in the way. 2 small screws are all that hold it in. The lower one you can see, the upper you pretty much have to go by feel.


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      Thanks for the info. I've worked on plenty of machine tools over the years where there was nothing but feel to guide me, so I guess I can handle this one.

      Much appreciated. Tim


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        Make sure you disconnect the battery first, then have a nice pillow handy! Use masking tape marked with a sharpie to label the wires, too.