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New 1942 M16 truck owner looking for good references on totally rebuilding brakes

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  • Brakes: New 1942 M16 truck owner looking for good references on totally rebuilding brakes

    Looking for a good reference on redoing the brakes on my 1942 M16 truck. I do have the original shop manual, but looking for more references along with parts supplier information for getting this project started. Next will be new gaskets for the engine. Thanks much. Jim Flint, Denver, also any good references for people that work on Studebakers that you trust in Colorado or close by states?

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    Hi Jim, welcome aboard! Your best starting place is I buy most of my parts from Studebaker International and but have done business with others. I am pretty sure your brakes are similar to the ones on my 41 Champion which means you want to do everything possible to preserve your existing drums. New ones are out there but expensive. Wheel cylinders are easy to find but not cheap however the rebuild kits for everything are at your local NAPA. If you have never worked with non-self-centering brakes before read up in the manual and make sure you understand how the adjustments work. Centering the brake in the drum is vital to get decent braking performance.

    You will also need a hub puller to get the rear drums off. Don't go cheap here. The good ones are expensive but will save a lot of time and avoid damaging your axles, hubs, or drums.

    There are several pictures of my fumbling around on the brakes on my web site ( Some of that might help. Good luck!


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      Jim, here is another resource for truck stuff:
      1948 M15A-20 Flatbed Truck Rescue
      See rescue progress here on this blog:


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        give me a call 719-491-0040 I'M in Colorado Springs.