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Help! Photo needed of 57-58 Comm/Pres trunk seal

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  • Body / Glass: Help! Photo needed of 57-58 Comm/Pres trunk seal

    Fellas - I am restoring a 58 President and the trunk weatherseal glued to the lid had completely disintegrated. I obtained a replacement seal but damned if I can tell where on the lid to glue it, e.g. which way around and how close to the edge. Can anyone with one of these cars take a closeup digital photo of the trunk seal and post for me please? Thanks ! Glenn Los Angeles

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    Hi Glenn,

    This is explained in the rubber section of the S.I. Catalog page 46.
    Have a nice day.


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      Thanks Chris, I didn't know it was in their catalogue. They have one on the way to me.



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        Great that you asked first. When I installed the rubber on my 57 Champion I did it backwards and had to reorder another one. Haste makes Waste!!!
        1957 Studebaker Champion 2 door. Staten Island, New York.

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          An interesting question that shed new light for me! According to SI, the weatherstripping gets glued to the body channel on 1936-1955 sedans and 1953-1964 C & Ks. From 1956-1966, it gets glued to sedan trunks (with due regard as to which direction the grooves in the rubber are facing.) I once owned a 1957 President Classic and the weatherstripping was glued to the body channel with no leaks.

          Bill L.
          1962 GT Hawk