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Surging carb at idle

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  • Fuel System: Surging carb at idle

    This is a Cater AS mounted on a Stude OHV-6 ('63 Lark) and I've completely cleaned the carb, inside and out with a rebuild kit from one of our terrific vendors.

    My first thought is vacuum leak and the two brass nuts are cinched down tight enough and the advance pipe from the dist is on good. When it idles, it's fluctuating 500 rpm and acting as though someone has their foot on the pedal with these surges. I've just not had a good time with this carb. it's been a pain from day one.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Your surging could be timing related. Try advancing it a little. If the surge goes away it's not the carb. Leave the timing advanced and reduce the idle at the carb then check your settung. Don't be afraid to leave it a little advanced as long as you aren't getting a ping.