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Oh no - Slipping rear axle? Then working again? How?

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  • Rear Axle: Oh no - Slipping rear axle? Then working again? How?

    Today testing my transmission only driving about 4- miles - I heard a slipping noise as I lost power to the wheels but the speedo took off - What I thought was the transmission or drive shaft sound (happened only a split second before to realize what was going on) - turns out the axle was spinning in the hub..

    Only after one block it slipped then somehow gained torque - so at that point it was not sure. I made my rounds, made it back to the garage. Parked on the driveway (inclined).. Then came back out to pull int the garage and it was not going anywhere.. Same thing - this time I was able to listen and shift from D-L & R and determine it was indeed the axle slipping in the hub somehow. When I sped up then stopped the engine after a few tries it somehow locked up again lucky for me to drive it on up to the garage!!! WHAT ON EARTH could cause this? Could the key in the axle shaft be torn then wedge its self back in? Well my schedule won't allow me to look at it for a few days but my brain is boggled..
    You may be wondering why I don't examine the hub bolt - I will tomorrow but the neighbors are sleeping and I don't want to make any more noise tonight....

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    I think you nailed it. It certainly sounds like the key. You may have been very fortunate to even get back to your garage. Get that hub off and I would be quite surprised to find that much was left of the key. BTW, do you have twin trac in the car? It could be that the car was spinning the drive wheel in the hub, then catching the TT to give you acceleration intermittently. I'm sure others will chime in with opinions or expert experience.