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Need pic of throttle linkage on Champion 6 engine

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  • Need pic of throttle linkage on Champion 6 engine

    Can someone please post a picture of their throttle linkage going across the head on a chapion 6cyl. I have a 56 champion. The linkage is just laying on the head.

    Orlando FLA
    Orlando FLA

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    Here's under the hood of our '56 Champion two door. This what you need?


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      Thanks for the pic. The linkage that goes to the carb on my car is laying on the head. Trying to figure out if there is a bracket on the opposite side(across from the carb) of the engine that I may be missing.

      Orlando FLA
      Orlando FLA


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        On most of these flat head sixes, there is a rod down behind the distributor that comes from the firewall to pull on bell crank (on the bottom of a vertical shaft.) At the top of the shaft, just above the cyl head, is another bell crank which attaches to the rod to the Carb. The bearings on the vertical member translate the pull from the fire wall into a pull across the head to pull on the throttle.

        This vertical member is supported by the wire loom support for the spark plug wires. Perhaps the vertical member has slipped down through the holes to allow the cross - head rod to lie on the head?

        Tom Bredehoft
        '53 Commander Coupe
        '60 Lark VI
        '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
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