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Adjusting the Anchor points

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  • Brakes: Adjusting the Anchor points

    Well my 41 Commander needs the front brakes anchor points adjusting. I think half my prolems have been down to this. So as I have no way of getting hold of "the special tool" anyone know a quick and easy way to do this? I know I am not far off!!

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    I have never owned a '41, but isn't it just like all '47-'53's with a 5/8" lock Nut (use an open end) and a small stud with two flats, use a smaller end wrench or a small Adjustable Wrench (Crescent) to make the adjustment per the Shop Manual, be sure to pay attention which way you rotate the tire, wheel drum Assy. for each shoe.
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      Some earlier models have a slot in the brake drum specifically to allow use of a feeler gauge as outlined in the manual. Without the special tool, the instructions were ...... "On Lockheed brakes where the drums are not provided with inspection ports the anchors may be set, adjusting one shoe at a time, by turning the eccentric until the shoe just contracts the drum. Then adjust the anchor on the same shoe until the drag is relieved. Repeat this operation until further adjusting of the anchor will not relieve the drag. Then back off both the eccentric and the anchor until wheel just turns freely. Repeat this procedure on each shoe separately. This method will produce clearances very close to the required .005" at the heel and .010" at the toe of the shoes"...... (from 1942 Chiltons)
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        Thanks Dwayne, thats what I did and it works, but you only need to turn then a millimeter at a time!!