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Head bolt torque sttings...'49 Commander

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  • Engine: Head bolt torque sttings...'49 Commander

    I used the search function to see if this has been discussed before and came up empty. Does anyone know what the head bolts should be torqued to on a '49 Commander engine? I also plan to use "never-sieze" material on the threads if that makes a difference. Thanks. Tom

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    Bolt torques should be 80-85 ft-lbs. Tighten once, then retighten. Once started, warm up the engine and tighten again. Here's the sequence from the truck shop manual.

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      Typically back in the day these torque values based on the use of an oil to lubricate the threads at assembly. Modern anti-seize generally reduce the friction between assembled parts and will effect the resulting assembly preload. The required assembly preload is after all the target of torquing the head. So unless you can recalculate the torque values based on the coefficient of friction differences between the modern anti-seize and the original thread lubricant and there by avoid over-torquing the assembly the original lubricant should be used.


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        Good information and advice. Thank you. Tom