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License plate lamp wire

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  • Electrical: License plate lamp wire

    Where does the wire pass through the trunk floor to connect the license plate lamp to the tail lamp wires? My wire is rolled up and stuck under the inner bracing of the trunk lid.
    Thanks, 73, Jim

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    Jim, What model car do you have? On a Hawk, the wiring goes thru the floor to the left of the trunk latch. This has the backup lights, tail lights, and license plate light in the wiring bundle.


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      '48 Champion, I think.
      (read it backwards)

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        Sorry about that. It is 1948 Champion Starlight coupe.


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          Since it has the License Light in the Decklid, the wire should come out in Left rear Corner of the floor and route along near the deck opening under the clips and go to the decklid near the Left Hinge.
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            Thanks, Rich, The wire is on the lid and comes out at the left hinge and has about 3 ft of wire, but it was all coiled up at the corner of the lid. I have looked for a hole in the floor in the left corner, but do not find one that looks correct. There are drain holes in the depressions of the floor, but they look to be too far from the edge of the floor.
            There is a pig tail in the wires below the floor that I assume is to attach for the license light. Time will tell.
            Thanks Again, all. 73, Jim