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70's repro Strato-Vue AC3310 mirror: Swivel is loose: How to fix?

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  • Body / Glass: 70's repro Strato-Vue AC3310 mirror: Swivel is loose: How to fix?

    Way back in the mid'70's I bought a pair of reproduction AC3310 Strato-Vue mirrors - in fact, I think one of the SDC officers might have been involved in the reproduction.

    At the time, they were not cheap, but they seemed like a fine repro job.

    However, not many years after purchase (less than 10), the swivels began to loosen, in fact, to this day, they continue to loosen to the point where the mirror hangs off them like a pendulum.

    To repair properly, I would think the glass would ahve to be broken out, swivel repair with metal that does not creep, and then new glass and new edge crimp. I had one "mirror guy" say that was a $100 repair job. Hummm. No Thanks.

    So that leaves something less elegant:
    1. Make them rigid. Glue in place:
    2. Maintain the Swivel. Build up the sphere diameter:
      SuperGlue: build up layers with catalyst
      Some kind of hard coating/paint.

    I would sure like to hear from anyone who actually fixed these mirrors.

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    Call Studebaker International who is the manufacturer of these, and ask if you can return them for repair, this has been an ongoing problem and some that failed very soon after purchase were repaired. I do not know if there will be a cost or how much, but it never hurts to ask and I am sure it will not be $100.00 each.

    The new replacement glass for right hand mirrors in Convex (wide angle mirror) 801714R, are only $5.00 each or 801714 $10.00 installed.
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      You know, you may have a point. I was just looking at mine again and it looks like the mirror / swivel assembly is replaceable.

      Like you said, the RHS convex mirror is only $5 so i would think the LHS one would be cheap too. I wouldn't think twice to solve the problem for that amount of money.

      I will call SI Tuesday and see what they say.



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        That is for the glass only. Not the complete mirror head. FYI.
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