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1950 automatic remote cooler for transmission

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 1950 automatic remote cooler for transmission

    Can a remote oil cooler coil be used for the 1950 automatic transmission?

    i plan on towiing with my 1950 Land Cruiser once it's working, and feel a transmission cooler would be necessary. Any suggestions?


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    the '50 automatic was not designed for a separate cooler. It is designed for cooling through some air ducts into the bell housing and over the torque converter/clutch unit. There are some test ports on the transmission but they are not designed to use for a cooler. They are to test pressures only.
    Be sure all the ducts are present, clean, and properly installed. This is a pretty heavy transmission that was over designed in many ways but I doubt whether it was meant for towing very much.


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      A 1950 Land Cruiser is pretty big and heavy car to start with. I hope that you are not planning on towing more than 500 pounds. They are not inexpensive transmissions to rebuild or replace. However, they are excellent transmissions when used as intended.
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        i used to drive . . . well, aggressively. My 100 mph+ days on 1950 land cruisers are way behind me; now i drive like an old man [which i am]. i was thnking of towing intermittently, but may tow a small camping trailer later. i think with gradual, leisurely driving it will be okay.. my trans is now being rebuilt, so it will be like new. i think the styule of driving will be more important than the weioght, but not necaessarily in mountainous areas.

        okay; so no cooler.
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          Remember that even if the transmission is up to the tow the brakes are ... well... Be sure to keep a plan B in mind.