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how much room in front of engine in 50 commander?

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  • Cool/Heat: how much room in front of engine in 50 commander?

    my engine is out being rebuilt, and i am preparing to order a condenser for the a/c. How much space is there fropm the engine to the rasdiator?

    it looks as though i will have to reverse-mount the radiuator [so it sticks into the engine compartment instead of into the radiator collar] in oredr to have room enough for the condenser. The shroud may nbe modifiable or i may have to make a new one; but i am probably going to switch to electric fans [one pulling, one pushing] How much room do i have from the water pump to the radiator before making changes?

    after i finish, i'll share the details: email me at if you want me to provide you with a detailed description of sources, parts, modification, installation, etc.

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    Not familiar with the 50, but; wouldn't it be easier make some room in front of the radiator for the condenser? Only need 1 1/2 inches and doesn't have to be full size of the radiator? Moving the rad, changing the shroud, electric fans, rad hoses, etc. seems like a lot of work, and I personally think engine driven fans with a proper shroud beat electrics all day long. Just musing.


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      Here is the condenser on my 48
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        my passenger compartment is more than twice the truck's. the bigger the coil, the less energy needed to run the compressor. OEM condensers are thin because they are wide . exchanging width for depth. I degreased my engine compartment today and did some measuring and thinking. The Land cruiser will be for towing, and i like it cool inside the cab, so i am seeking high capacity, all of which suggest getting big and efficient. by eliminating the belt-driven fan i improve fuel economy. the aftermarket coil i looked at that would barely fit [in other words, maximum size] was 7" deep. My radiator ios 2.75, and from the back of the radiator coller to the metal is 6.5 inches. it just dawned on me to measure the shroud! what an idiot.

        but now i am wondering: how can you cool your truck with such a small condenser?



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          Originally posted by alanahasan View Post
          ...but now i am wondering: how can you cool your truck with such a small condenser?

          I found this. It perports to be better than 134. Is it? Quien Sabe? But supposedly it also doesn't leak as readily.

          If this stuff would actually cool better than 134, you would theoretically not need as big a condensor. But the EPA says you cannnot legally mix refrigerants, so you'd have to completely evucuate your system before installing this wonderful stuff.



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            thanks, John.

            i am 67 years old, and have read many, many claims similar to this one which did not pan out. if the stuff was as good as they say, manufacturers would use it. the refrigerant would cost less than $50 and make their base unit perform like a unit that costs hundred of dollars more. I wish it was true.

            i have 30 lbs of R-22 and am licensed by the EPA to use refrigerants. I will probably use 134, but haven't come to that yet.

            i know i can make it work; i just don't yet know how.