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Rear seat speaker cable 54 Land Cruiser

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  • Electrical: Rear seat speaker cable 54 Land Cruiser

    Any one know if the rear seat speaker cable is coax or parallel? I the output on the radio itself is similar to the antenna connection.

    Many thanks,

    New Cruiser

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    The rear seat speaker uses standard wire from the radio. I recommend using 18 gauge speaker wire for the conection. there is an RCA type connector on the right side of the tuner section of the radio if it has pushbuttons. The plug looks like one that is used to make connections for the inputs to a stereo receiver. Be sure to phase the rear speaker to the front one or bass response will be lacking. Bud


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      The wires on my factory installed rear speaker (55 president State) looks like small extension cord wire (brown colored plastic insulation that's "connected" together). The ends which connect to the speaker don't have terminals. They're just stripped & tinned & inserted into the clips of the speaker. I've forgotten what the other end looks like.
      Mike Sal


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        The other end should have a plug that looks like the plug on the end of an audio patch cord which is known as an RCA plug. Bud


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          Thanks guys,

          I used 16 gauge lamp cord SPT-2 and jerry-rigged an antenna connector to one end. Not the prettiest, but shrink tubing made it look better.

          New Cruiser


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            Click image for larger version

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            Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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              Go to Radio shack or e bay to find RCA plugs. They are generally sold in pairs for cheap Solder your zip {speaker wire} 16-18 gauge wire to the plug and speaker. The center conductor of the plug is + positive. The other is - ground. Your speaker may or may not be marked but should be connected appropriately for best performance. If not marked and you would like to know how to tell which terminal is + or - and/or if you need to know the technique used in soldering the wire to the RCA plug just ask here. cheers jimmijim
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                If your radio needs repair, get hold of Bud here on the forum. He's a whiz at radios.

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                  Monaural Speaker with FOUR wires?

                  Originally posted by 55cmndr View Post
                  This is really all about the OHM rating on the speakers, you can NOT mix the modern Stereo Units which require Speakers which are 4-8 Ohm with the old 6 Volt Radio Speakers requiring varying different ratings, because damage to the power supply will result. I would NOT temporarily use a new stereo with that NOS? Speaker. Just install it for looks but do not connect it. Bud will have your Radio working like new and back in no time, and issue solved without damage!

                  Also IS it really a NOS speaker? I would ask him about that strange speaker you have, it appears to me that someone has replaced the speaker in your "NOS" AC-2302 rear Speaker Kit with a modern possibly Dual Cone, maybe a Stereo one, because there is something "fishy" about those FOUR connections on that speaker! If it is for two stereo channels it not only has one too many for monaural, but also the WRONG OHM rating.
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                    The original speakers will have a 3.2 ohm impedence which was the norm for tube radios. A modern 4 ohm speaker is compatible with the older radios. Bud