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'65 hood torsion rods

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  • Body / Glass: '65 hood torsion rods

    The plan started out simple enough-I want to do a hood swap on my Daytona.I have had the 'good' hood in my basement for a few years now so I figured it's time to do it.I loosened every bolt on the hood that's on the car now (just a tad) to make removal a little easier.When I got the other hood I was also given the set of torsion rods that went with it.I figured I would 'thread' the torsion rods in the good hood so it would be less to do later.
    I looked at the hood that's on the car now and determined what went to what side (driver/passerger).When I went to put the torsion rods on the other hood, something didn't look right.A quick look at the body parts manual indicates that there is a left side and a right side torsion rod.Assuming I made a mistake the first time,I put in the other rod and that looks worse than the first one.The hinged part dosen't swing freely.I KNOW that's got to be wrong.
    After making several trips outside to look at the car,I put on the rod I had on at first, and something still looks funny.It's almost like the short end of the rod is bent 90 degrees in the opposite direction.Could these rods be from a '64 and they changed the design for '65-66?Or am I going cookcoo for Cocoa Puffs?
    I guess the easiest thing to do would be to use the rods I have on the car now to go with the 'new' hood. At least I know which side is which in that case.Still, this puzzles me.What am I doing wrong?Please advise.Thanks.
    P.S. Yes, I know that the short end of the rod goes towards the rear of the hood.