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tachometer stops and holds at 2100

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  • Electrical: tachometer stops and holds at 2100

    The tach on a just compeleted 63 GT hawk restoration stops at about 2100 rpm and wll not return to zero on its own when engine is turned off. A gentle tap on the glass will get the pointer to return to zero. It worked fine for several miles. Any ideas on where to start, pulling anything out the dash is not a fun thing to do, i'm thinking of spraying it with elecrtical cleaner as first step. Ken, Deltaville, Va

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    I had the same problem with my '62 GT. There is an old drawing of the innerds of these tachs in a TW many, many years ago. (Anyone have that handy?) I think some rust on an internal ring that moves over a curved shaft causes the hang-up. Opening the "can" is not nice, but can be done.
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