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polishing stainlees on the car

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  • Body / Glass: polishing stainlees on the car

    Is there any good method of polishing stainlees trim on the car?, and is there any really good products that really work,
    Joseph Kastellec

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    Joe, I was going to ask the exact same question. I have a few spots the window frames i cannot polish out by hand. My favorite is simichrome, but ti doesn't work here.
    Is there a small polishing kit for stainless out there? Maybe one with a tiny dremel attachment or similar?


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      I have used Wenol red polish and it has worked great on stainless trim, but it's so time consumeing , I thought about the dremel tool idea also, you could use a small drill and use blue painter's tape or frog tape to mask off the body saw it on U Tube.
      Joseph Kastellec


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        I had my stainless buffed and polished before it went on the car. Once on the car, I'm noticing some nasty swirls that weren't there before. Someone at the body shop tried to polish it some more once it was on the car, and the results are not nice. At least they stopped after one try. Good luck.
        Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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          You might try masking off all around the stainless and then wet sanding with 2000 grit. But I don't know how you'd buff it out. Maybe a good polish (Wenol) after the sanding? I just don't know.

          I have never found a way to make the stainless shine without polishing (sanding) and buffing. If someone comes up with an alternative, I'd like to hear about it as sandpaper is my biggest expense.

          Thank God the hundreds of pieces of trim I've restored had been removed from the car. It'd be a hassle to maneuver my 70 pound buffer and stand combo all around a car.
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            I have had good results from Flitz. They had the idea before the "Power Ball" from Mothers. And their polishing tool is a fabric instead of foam and their 2" mini ball works great on trim and other tight places. Mask around the trim with painters or frog tape as mentioned above, use the fine sand paper to remove deeper flaws then polish with the Flitz.


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              Depending on how bad the scratches are--- we were not happy with the stainless on this 55 so we masked the paint area off and started with 800 grit on a soft block-- you can see the area dull up when the stainless is sanded, but this is necessary to remove the deeper swirls and scratches. went to 1000, 1500 then 2000 and finished with 3000 before using stainless metal polish. Sometimes I will go to 4000 abralon before polishing. I did'nt take a fully polished photo or forgot to download it, but you can see how it's done.

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                Nice work. Great to see someone put the time in on a sedan, too. They don't get enough respect.
                Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)