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64V 289 Radiator hose choices?

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  • Cool/Heat: 64V 289 Radiator hose choices?

    Ok, I know I should plan ahead, but I want to replace my hoses on the Cruiser, this weekend, if possible.
    Got a pinhole in a heater hose and I'm sure the rest are on borrowed time. I'd like to try to get the radiator hoses at a local FLAPS, if I can get molded hoses.
    Got a slew of part numbers from Bob Johnstone's site, not sure which ones to try. Anyone got some advice?

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    Re the heater hoses, please note that you can buy long straight hoses, with a several inch 90 degree bend at one end. Just the thing to make the turn from inside the firewall up to the heater core, then eyeball the engine connections and cut the long ends to fit. There is also a short 90 available if your heater valve (my 62 Lark does) uses one. I think the short 90 is a GM bypass application of some sort?

    Re molded radiator hoses, I usually take my old ones to the store and get premission, or ask them to, use mine to eyeball likely choices. Once again, you may have to cut one or both ends to make them work.


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      These 2 words my friend- ROCK AUTO. Go to the online catalog, order your hoses and be done with it.Even with shipping the cost will be on par with anything bought at a FLAPS, maybe better. This is a holiday weekend bud,enjoy a cold one or watch the Orioles game. Your parts will arrive in time to work on your car next weekend.Have a great holiday!!