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Seat question 60 Lark wagon

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  • Seat question 60 Lark wagon

    The seat that came with the car was in bad shape; so after I fixed the floors and put the new carpet in I put the seat in out of my 60 sedan...

    Problem is, even with the seat all the way back, it's still super-close to the wheel [:0] I put the bolts back in the center holes, and the tracks release and go all the way back; but even at 5'10" my legs are a little too bent for my taste... I can move the seat back to the front holes, but that'll only gain me like an inch- not enough to realy make a difference...

    Are the sedan seats different from the wagons? I see the release mechanism is a little different, but the framework appears to be located the same; but I'm not sure... matbe these cars just aren't designed with much legroom...?

    Robert K. Andrews Owner- IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
    Parish, central NY 13131

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    Huh... just one response (thanks r2!)...

    So can I assume no one has any experience sitting in a 60 Lark?

    Wow... 60 Lark wagons must be really rare...[:0]

    Robert K. Andrews Owner- IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
    Parish, central NY 13131


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      I'm 6' 2" and have owned many Larks. I have found myself too close to the wheel in every one of them...bordering on uncomfortably so. In fact, ALL Studebakers I have owned do not allow the seat to go back as far as I would like. I'm too close in my '63 Hawk. When I built my '54 Starliner, I mounted the GM buckets further back than stock AND I shortened the steering column 2". It's the only Studebaker that fits me.

      All the German cars I have owned (BMW's, Porsche's, even my wife's Jetta) allow the seat to go back FURTHER than I need. They are too far back for me when they are all the way back.

      Were people smaller before 1966? Did Studebaker want to advertise rear seat leg room? I dunno.

      You could make some "adapters" to use the stock mounting holes on the floor, but that mount the seat further to the rear. This might make the seat too high, however. You could also through bolt the seat further back in the car with some sort of doubler under the floor pan.

      Dick Steinkamp
      Bellingham, WA


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        Thanks, Dick. I'm debating moving it back somehow; just wondered if I missed something on the installation, being that I've never owned one before.

        Interesting observation: Not much response to a boring post about a seat- but if I made a post about making fun of someone's car or their work, there'd be plenty of responses to that [)]

        Robert K. Andrews Owner- IoMT (Island of Misfit Toys!)
        Parish, central NY 13131


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          Bams50 - I recently had my seat completely out since I was doing some under-dash work (makes it a lot easier). I had never been satisfied with my seat position, both in terms of distance like you AND height. My car has loads of head room, and I always felt I was sitting too low.

          Prior to re-installing my seat, I fabricated a new set of brackets to both raise (1.5") and move back my seat (about 2"). This makes a world of difference. Not a boring post at all, since comfort is king where I am concerned.

          Las Vegas, NV
          '51 Champion Business Coupe G899965 10G-Q4-1434


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            I put all my Studebaker seats up on a 3/4" plywood spacer. My Mother had the dealers where she bought her Studebakers do the same thing. My 52 is still too close to the steering wheel for me, so I have been thinking of making some brackets also.

            Leonard Shepherd