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Avanti 63R1406 R2 Update - Door hinge question

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  • Body / Glass: Avanti 63R1406 R2 Update - Door hinge question

    Hello everyone and thanks to you all for your advice to date. The car is progressing well. I have a very good guy working on it which is the key. Here is a link with the pictures of the progress:

    The driver's door detent to hold it open never worked at all. I bought the spring for it, but when dissassembled, there is a piece missing. I don't see any hinges listed for the Avanti At Si. Does anyone know where one could get at least the left hinge with the detent spring connections new or used?
    It is great to see it all coming together with the little niggling issues slowlly getting corrected and put to bed. I am so much looking forward to driving a dream I had but never thought would materialize since grade 10.


    Neil Grant - very proud owner of 63R1406 - R2 if you please!

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    I have both upper hinges one with a spring and one without. I don't remember which side has what. How about $30 plus shipping for the pair. I'll never need them unless I sell them to someone and then I'll need them the day after they're gone.



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      Ken, thanks very much for replying. I think I may be ok thanks to the talent of the fellow working on the car. He as able to weld a lug for the sping to mount on based on the opposite side hinge geometry. I will keep you in mind if it does not work out, but I think we are good to go. I suppose with Murphy's Law you will never need them now. I guess though maybe not havinng to use them is not a bad thing!
      Thanks again for getting back to me.