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  • Body / Glass: Chrome Plating Recommendation

    Hi, Guys,

    This is a plug for a vendor.

    After some research and conversations with a number of vendors, and after someone who was recommended in this forum actually rejected the parts and refused to do the work, I got my rough old Avanti bumpers replated. Most of the vendors I spoke with were indifferent about my project; one vendor in my state was unwilling to stay a half hour late to take personal delivery of the bumpers.

    One vendor, however, actively pursued the business and acted as if he cared about the job. He called me twice to ask for the business and quoted a competitive price. So I decided to give him a try. He took the six bumper pieces and two taillight bezels, straightened the bent parts, banged out the dents, repaired the gouges, had the back sides sandblasted and did a full copper/nickel/chrome plate job. The bumpers now glow almost white and look almost perfect. given their condition before, this is an achievement. Price for all eight pieces was $1,700, which was the second-lowest estimate of six vendors.

    The vendor is Charles Jones of Custom Plating in Snellville, GA. I recommend him without reservation. As soon as I can get around to it I'll post some pictures of his work. Anyway, anyone who's in the market for plating work should give Charles a call.


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    Hi Tom,

    Once I've got this old gal running I can certainly make use of a good chrome shop, it's nearly all got a bit of corrosion/rust pitting (thankfully no dents and no deep rust pitting that I can see). Is this information correct? Also, how did you transport the pieces, was it local or how did you ship?

    3030 Alta Ridge Way
    Snellville, GA 30078-6624
    (770) 736-1118

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      Wonder if he does his own plating work? Does he do pot metal?
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        The address and phone are correct. I shipped the pieces by UPS, which cost about $60 plus whatever options you want (like insurance).

        My understanding is that he does his own plating and straightening, but the sandblasting happens somewhere else. Not sure about pot metal, but it can't hurt to ask.