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For those wondering about my oil pump modification

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  • For those wondering about my oil pump modification

    I took two oil pumps to a machine shop two weeks ago to be worked on. The owner had no problems with the work I wanted the time!

    Two weeks later...he called and said come get them....I don't want to do them!
    Great two weeks lost.

    Another shop didn't want to do the work!

    Now what to do...?
    Fine...I'll try it myself!

    Got out the grinder and went at it.

    In my opinion....the Stude oil pump is more of a "mixer" than a "pump".
    That can fairly plainly be seen in the machining of the pump cavity. It's a figure "8"! In the pressure side...the shape FORCES the oil to go back toward the teeth that are begining to mesh in the center of the outlet cavity...rather than toward the outlet port.
    Simillarly...the inlet cavity forces the oil to go out toward the meshing teeth rather than toward the outer circle...tooth vs. pump wall cavity to become pressurized. Like walls have been designed in!! my attempt to ease the travels of the oil from the inlet to the main cap...the oil now has a less tortous path to travel from the inlet to the gear cavity...and from the gear cavity to the outlet port in the pump.

    Note that the sharp edge in the outlet port (not exactly visible...but is there) is also now rounded.

    I'm hoping this will help the low (idle speed) rpm "lack" of pressure and help the pump actually pump better at all RPM's.

    I'm a cheapskate...can't...or don't want to afford the cost of an external pump as a few have gone to.
    I know of a brand X pump being adapted to a Stude engine right now...but I figured with a little work...the Stude pump could be made to work nearly as well as this particular pump....hopefully!

    Click on Stude oil pump.

    Note...none of the work I've done to this pump is at all experimental. Take a look at "any" current gear type pump...this is what you will find. Well...maybe with the exception of the rounding of the inlet and out holes.


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    I once adapted a Champion 6 oil pump to work in a Bugatti straight 8 engine. Worked well too!

    Looks pretty simple to do, Mike. What's the "bypass" thing buy you? Would be interesting to do flow comparisons between a stock pump and one you've ground on.
    Kinda like my practice of cleaning up the water ports on the front of the block and heads. Get rid of any flash and smooth the inner edges a bit. Can't hurt!

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