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1954 Fuel Sender Ohms?

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: 1954 Fuel Sender Ohms?

    Does anyone know what ohms the 1954 C/K fuel sender is? 0-90? Thanks!

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    This info has been posted recently, but here it is again. This is the resistance of the sender vs the gauge reading for '53-'54 gauges. So, yes a 0-90 ohm sender.

    <E >90 ohm
    E 90 ohm
    1/4 55 ohm
    1/2 29 ohm
    3/4 15 ohm
    F GND

    Jeff in ND


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      Thanks! I did search but couldn't find that info.

      So the next question is, why can't I just use a $25 Stewart Warner sender that's 0-90 ohms? Is there a different sending unit for 6 or 12 volts? I mean, ohms is ohms, right?


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        One thing to watch out for is the "mapping" of the resistance vs the float arm. Some sender are backwards compared to what is needed. So, instead of it being 90 ohms at empty (float arm down) it might be 0 ohms at empty (float arm down).

        If you use a sender like that, you gauge will read backwards (F when E and E when F). Otherwise, yes, if the ohms range matches it should work. Only other concern is if the sender has 2 wires instead of 1. One of those 2 wires would need to be grounded.

        Jeff in ND