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4 Speed for Hawk

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  • 4 Speed for Hawk

    Hello Everyone

    I'm still trying to work the kinks out of my 57 Silver Hawk. It's going pretty well. I took about a 4 hr trip in it over the weekend---drives pretty nice!

    This car has a champion 6 with an auto transmission. I don't know yet whether it is the original motor & trans(I'm waiting on the build sheet), but the thought occurred to me that I would have a little more control of the power if it had a 4 on the floor. If I remember correctly, they put a Vette transmission in a Hawk in 1961. The question is: Is there any 4 speed stick that will mate with the champion engine? Or better yet, what about the stude overdrive transmission with a floor shift? I'm assuming you might have to fabricate a linkage if you wanted this configuration. Of course when you ask if it can be done, the answer is almost always "yes" and the next question is "should it be done?" If anyone has done this let me know. I guess I still remember my 67 chevy 327 4 speed. It was a fun car to drive. Regards---Dan

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    Seems like I remember Bill Cathcart putting a T5 behind a champion motor ?

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      Well to start with the '57 Silver Hawk came with a V8 (except for some export models?), so you might look into upgrading in that direction. If it is original, then you probably would not want to mess with it.

      In any evemt, a Champion 6 with an automatic is certainly not the most performance oriented combination you could have. Switching to any standard trans should make quite a difference, but it's not going to be easy without a parts car for all the misc pieces. I put a T5 from an S10 behind the 6 in my '54 Champion, and it does make it a lot more fun to drive. Cathcart sells an adaptor kit, but it is quite expensive for what you get. I used a plate made by a friend, and it was a fairly easy conversion (from the 3 speed already in the car).

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      Steve Hudson
      The Dalles, Oregon
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