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Avant will not start.

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  • Engine: Avant will not start.

    Hello again.

    I drove my car for about an hour with no trouble. Drove home car starts and stall after 2 seconds. Tried turning over again it turns very slow. I found some sediment in the fuel filter. I changed the filter. I checked the fuel pump, it is pumping fine. I have a electronic dist. Any ideas?
    jerry defilippi

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    The slow crank can simply be a weak battery or overheated starter from repeated start attempts.

    Do you have an Edelbrock carb by chance? Some are equipped witha fine screen on top of the needle and seat and that screen can be clogged with the same residue that was in the filter.



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      The fuel flow shouldn't have anything to do with slow turning over. Try letting the engine cool and see if it starts normally...if it does, it sounds like a heat soaked starter. Having it rebuilt or replaced can solve that. You can also have the starter draw could be drawing more amperage than the battery can produce. Same symptoms as heat soak and same fix.

      Have the entire charging system checked. The alternator or regulator could be bad and not putting out volts...won't show on the ammeter. Your battery could be drained from running directly off of it. The electronic distributor may require a minimum amount of volts to function properly and may not be receiving it.
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