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Next problem to repair-Ignition switch

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  • Electrical: Next problem to repair-Ignition switch

    I can start my 57 silver hawk and none of the gauges or turn signal/brake lights work. I jiggle the ignition key and they all start working.

    No doubt the switch is worn out. What I would like to do is to replace the entire switch. Being a CASO and not worried about everything being pure Studebaker (it is too late for that), what switch can I buy that will fit and do the job? Also, Is this a fairly simple job? Thanks

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    Studebaker International has either NOS or replacement switches. I got one for my '55, it was quite stiff (I should have lubed it with graphite before installing it) it must be original (old).

    Simple, well that depends. its no simpler than changing points. Awkward, yes.
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      While you're at it, check the condition of the bezel that secures the switch in place.
      Sometimes a weak spring or worn tab or notch permits the switch to rotate in the housing causing undue twisting on the wires.
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        sounds like you only need the electrical portion of the switch; move your lock cylinder over to the new switch and save yourself the hassle of carrying more than two keys. But I second the recommendation to carefully inspect the bezel and if it looks AT ALL questionable replace it. Also wrap the crossmember under the dash in the area of the switch with electrical tape "just in case" it *does* fall down in there. Fire + car = no fun.

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          Thanks for the info guys. I checked my ignition switch and found out it is not a Studebaker. It is a "universal" switch. I guess I will just replace it with the same. A lot cheaper that way and seems to work OK.