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    John, you have to ask yourself, "What do I want out of that rebuilt engine?" It's in an M-15 truck, right? That is not a vehicle that anybody but a masochist would routinely take on long cross-country trips, is it? How many miles do you actually expect to put on it?

    You know, it just might be that the complete rebuild of the engine is overkill for the type of use it will get. If all it ever gets is easy drives to local cruise nights, the odd trip to the dump with yard trash, and maybe a couple hundred mile trips to local zone meets, maybe a simple overhaul as per the shop manual would get you the results you need, without so much of the long green.

    You can put $6000 into that engine, and get it back with a coat of shiny green paint, or you can put $2000 into it, and get it back with a coat of shiny green paint. The folks who admire it at the show and shine won't be able to tell. That $4000 you save on the engine could go into the body and interior to make it really outstanding in the looks department.

    One further note: I notice that the list of services you posted does not include resizing the lifters and/or the lifter bores. Experience has shown that worn lifters/bores to be one of the worst causes of oil pressure loss in Champion sixes, and one of the worst causes of excessive oil consumption. Studebaker sold oversize lifters, but as far as I know they are now no longer available. There are some tricks you can use to restrict oil flow into the lifter bores, which will allow the engine to live fairly well with sloppy lifters. Otherwise, you are probably looking at big dollars in machine shop work to resize the lifters and bores.
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      I get short block V8's or 6's rebuilt with all those extras(balancing,rod sizing etc) done for $950 assembled. I supply the parts.
      Comes with a warranty as well.Shop around.
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