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My next problem "Speedometer"

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: My next problem "Speedometer"

    The speedometer on my 57 silver hawk does not work. I disconnected the cable from the transmission and the gear is on the end and it looks good. I spun the gear but no response from the speedometer pointer. I disconnected the cable from the speedometer and found the end was rounded off.

    I then bought a universal core kit and installed it. When I spin the gear on the end, the pointer jumps. However, when installed, the speedometer still does not work. The pointer does not even jump.

    I stuck my finger in the cable hole of the transmission and could feel what felt like a "worm" gear on the front side. Is that what it should feel like? Is there something inside the transmission that could be broken?

    I am wondering if I made the core too short. I cut the core so that the gear was sitting flush against the cable housing. If the gear should be sticking out some distance and not pushed up against the cable housing then the gear is not going into the transmission far enough to mesh with the "worm" gear. Any ideas as to what my problem is will be appreciated. Thanks
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    The worm gear is steel and the driven gear is plastic/nylon, so virtually impossible for it to wear the worm gear.

    You have to put the cable end into the driven gear, then push it in as far as it will go and then see how much cable needs to extend from the housing to reach it when the housing is clamped in place.

    jack vines


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      It sounds like you are saying that the gear is not going to be flush with the housing. That means I should not have cut the cable before pushing the gear in as far as it would go, then pushing the housing tight and tightening it. At that point I leave enough core sticking out the other end to go into the speedometer and cut it. Is that correct?

      It might be best to buy one from SI. I am tired of messing with it. Do they sell one? Thanks


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        sounds like your original problem was at the speedo end of it possible that the speedo itself is worn from the bad core...? check the brass receiver on the end of the head


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          Well, I bought a second speedometer cable and tried to install it per PackardV8s instructions. I kept pushing the cable in until I had about 4 inches of cable extending out beyond the housing. I never did feel it hit anything. I then got nervous and gently pulled it out as I was worried the gear would fall off and be lost in the transmission.

          If the thing I was feeling inside the transmission hole is the worm gear that drives the speedometer gear, it is only about two inches inside the transmission. I am beginning to think that as the old car was originally a three speed manual and someone put an auto transmission in it, maybe they never changed the cable and gear and it has never worked with this transmission. From looking and feeling, I think the gear goes in far enough but the design/size of the housing and gear is to narrow to mesh with the worm gear. The speedometer head itself appears great.

          If I start experimenting with different gears and cable housings, it will get expensive and the problem may be inside the transmission. Another thing to consider is that the car has 14 inch Cragar mags on it (which I like) and an Oldsmobile differential so it will never be accurate. I have about decided to buy a GPS speedometer and not worry about the problem. I hate to spend $260 for one but in the long run, that may not be much more then I could spend trying to get the old one working. Does anyone know of any other GPS speedometer besides the one sold by Speedhut? Thanks
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            I did not look much farther after finding Speedhut. I was quite impressed with the website and they were wonderful to deal with when speaking to them. I recieved my new custom gauges within 4 day after ordering. They are really good looking product. It will be a few month before I will be road testing but quite confident they will preform well. One note - I never thought of this when I bought these gauges, like an ordinary GPS they come with a magnetic antenna. If you do not have a fibreglass fender to mount antenna under you will have to mount on your roof or dash. I am luck as I do have fibreglass fenders and that is where i will be mounting my antenna.


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              Vernon C Cab,
              Thanks for the info. I just ordered the Speedhut GPS speedometer. My front fenders are fiberglass, are you saying that mounting the antenna under the fender will work and that is the best place? Thanks.


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                No, not necessarily the best place but when I discovered the magnetic antenna I thought I really did not want it on the dash or roof so I called speedhut and they told me it would work efficiently under glass, plastic or fibreglass so I decided to put a metal bracket under the fibreglass fender for the antenna to magnetize to, they said that was commonly done. So now I will not have to see the wire and it will be out of sight and out of mind.


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                  Sounds good to me. Thanks for the info.