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Converting 1962 Hawk to Power Brakes

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  • Brakes: Converting 1962 Hawk to Power Brakes

    Rather than go to Turner Disk Brakes, I am toying with the idea of just converting the Hawk to Power Brakes. I see that a rebuilt booster is available from S.I. What else would be needed and/or does anyone have the entire system I could get?
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    I have a 1962 Hawk and its standard brakes have been more than adequate in the 36 years I've owned the car. I don't like using a hydrovac as the cars equipped with them have sensitive brakes with a delay when applying the brakes. It has been my experience that the rebuilt units are prone to problems and I wouldn't install one on my car. If you want to upgrade the brakes in your car, I recommend contacting Jim Turner to discuss what would work the best for your application. Bud


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      As they say, your results may vary. I've had a couple of trucks and an a couple of Hawks with Hydrovac and liked the feel and results of all four.

      So many Studes we come across have been modified, maybe not to best science. IIRC, the power brake cars have a different pedal than the standard brakes. If a Hydrovac was added and the standard pedal was retained, it might make the brakes more "sensitive."

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        I have hydrovac on two of my cars and both have rebuilt power units. I liked the results. I had to fab all my tubing on one of my Hawks since one previous owner removed everything! But it tends to work well, a bit more sensitive than others but still works well.
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          I've replaced 3 hydrovacs on my Hawk so they are inherent to problems, mind you I just discovered that a check valve is required in the vacuum line which was never present since I have owned my Hawk. SI managed to secure NEW not re-manufactured Hydrovac's for disk brake cars. I think I was the second person to purchase one of these for a Hawk. I has a built in check valve that made the vacuum connection a challenge when your car break downs and have to replace the hydrovac. SI's new unit vacuum connection has a 90 degree 1/2" hose fitting that hits the inner fender and has to be modified to make it work due to the length of the check valve. Not a big deal but makes you find fittings that work (thanks Barnlark). Also the retaining bolts that holds the hydrovac together use metric nuts, not a big thing but you need 2 of them to attach the Hydrovac to the bracket. Brake fittings are standard pipe thread so it works out well. Braking in my Hawk has always been outstanding and those brakes have saved me too many times from people that cut in front of me doing stupid things, that said I have avoided three near misses with my stock Bendix disk brake system.

          I had the opportunity to buy a rebuilt Hydrovac or purchase the NEW one. I opted for the new for the above reasons. Hope this one is the last one that i need to purchase. My Failed Hydrovac is being rebuilt by a local brake specialist that will travel with me as a spare.

          Good luck with your Braking system what ever your decision to do is.

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            Power drum brakes take a different booster than a Stude disc brake {bendix dunlop caliper system} The 2 different type boosters look very similar and can be very look alike to the untrained eye. No interchangeability. Besides the booster, you will need the bracket to hold the booster in place on the fender apron. Also a few other thingys. Not to extensive at all. Easiest if you can get everything you need off a parts car or someone who has the complete set up available from a parts car. If you can, view somoenes car so equipped. Lotsa folks have used boosters available. Going rate I would say for a rebuildable would be between 50 to 80 bucks. I would suggest if you find a used , have it remanufactured. 200 to 350.00 depending on who does the work. Don't rely on a years old booster to safe you out. It may or may not work and even if it does would probably fail sooner rather than later. Power Drum brakes on a C-K when working proper are more than adequate and rather nice to have. Many other model Studes other than C-K used the same set up. Id say all 55 V8's through 1960, and Hawks thru 64 with the drum system. I will also add for clarification that the system has the frame mounted pedal thru the floor master cylinder. Surely someone else can elaborate. jimmijim
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