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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 50 champion

    I have a 50 champion-have obtained t-96 overdrive transmission-need front driveshaft which is shorter
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    Are you up for shipping one from the North, Northwest corner of the U.S., Probably by Greyhound, at their nearest Terminal?

    Since your profile does not indicate your location, I have no idea if that is doable.

    Please keep in mind, that you should not remove the front shaft from the center support and rear shaft, until you have the replacement in hand. You will want to match the clocking of the "U" Joint flanges to the old clocking and possibly re-balance the Assembly.
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      Should not be too hard to find, depending on location. The alternative is a local driveline shop. Check your Yellow Pages. They fabricate new driveshafts all the time. Not a big deal for them. Studes use a pretty standard universal joint.
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        Local driveline shop could easily shorten and balance your existing shaft. If your profile indicated where you were located someone here could probably recommend a shop.
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